ACIM Urtext

Urtext の Ch1-5 はかなり未整理な部分ですが、ヘレンとイエスの対話を見る上で有用なので、その一部を翻訳しました。

Ch01-3a Distortions of Miracle Impulses

Ch02-1 The Illusion of Separation
Ch02-02 The Reinterpretation of Defenses

Ch17-4  Shadows of the Past

Ch17-7~9 Practical Forgiveness/Need for Faith/The Conditions of Forgiveness


Ch19-1~2 Beyond the Body/ Healing the Mind
Ch19-3 Sin Versus Error
Ch19-4  Unreality of Sin
Ch19-5 Obstacles to Peace - The Desire to Get Rid of It
Ch19-6 The Attraction of Guilt
Ch19-7 Obstacles to Peace - The Belief the Body is Valuable for What It Offers
Ch19-8 Pleasure and Pain
Ch19-9 Obstacles to Peace - The Attraction of Death
Ch19-10 The Incorruptible Body
Ch19-11 Obstacles to Peace - The Fear of God
Ch19-12 The lifting of the Veil

Ch20-1 The Promis of the Resurrection
Ch20-2 Holy Week
Ch20-3 Thorns and Lilies
Ch20-4 Sin as an Adjustment
Ch20-5 Entering the Ark
Ch20-6 Heralds of Eternity
Ch20-7 The Temple of the Holy Spirit
Ch20-8 The Conistency of Means and End
Ch20-9 The Vision of Sinlessness

Ch21-1 The Inner Picture
Ch21-2 The Imagined World
Ch21-3 The Responsibility for Sight
Ch21-4 Faith,Belief and Vision
Ch21-5 The Fear to Look Within
Ch21-6 Reason and Perception
Ch21-7 Reason and Correction
Ch21-8 Perception and Wishes
Ch21-9 The Inner Shift

Ch22-1 Salvation and The Holy Relationship
Ch22-2 The Message of the Holy Relationship
Ch22-3 Your Brother's Sinlessness
Ch22-4 Reason and the Holy Relationship
Ch22-5 Weakness and Defensiveness
Ch22-6  I Need Do Nothing
Ch22-7 Freedom and the Holy Spirit

Ch23-1 The War Against Yourself
Ch23-2 The Irreconcilable Beliefs
Ch23-3 The Laws of Chaos
Ch23-4 Salvation Without Compromise
Ch23-5 The Fear of Life

Ch24-1 Specilness and Separation (Intro)
Ch24-2 Specialness as a Substitute for Love
Ch24-3 The Treachery of Specialness
Ch24-4 The Forgiveness of Specialness
Ch24-5 Specialness And Salvation
Ch24-6 The Resolution Of The Dream
Ch24-7 Salvation From Fear
Ch24-8 The Meeting-Place

Ch25-1 The Appointed Task
Ch25-2 The Savior From The Dark
Ch25-3 The Fundamental Law Of Perception
Ch25-4 The Joining of Minds
Ch25-5 The State of Sinlessness
Ch25-6 The Special Function
Ch25-7 Commuting The Sentence
Ch25-8 Principle of Salvation
Ch25-9 The Justice Of Heaven

Ch26-1 Transition
Ch26-2 The "Sacrifice" of Oneness
Ch26-3 The Forms of Error
Ch26-4 The Borderland
Ch26-5 Where Sin has left
Ch26-6 Little Hindrance
Ch26-7 Appointed Friend
Ch26-8 Review of Principles
Ch26-9 Immediacy of Salvation
Ch26-10 For they have come
Ch26-11 The Remaining task

Ch27-1 The Body and Dream
Ch27-2 The Picture of the Crucifixion
Ch27-3 Fear of Healing
Ch27-4 The Symbol of the Impossible
Ch27-5 The Quiet Answer
Ch27-6 The Healing Example
Ch27-7 The Purpose of Pain
Ch27-8 The Illusion of Suffering
Ch27-9 The "Hero" of the Dream
Ch27-9 the hero of the dream に関して

Ch28-1 The Undoing of Fear
Ch28-2 The Present Memory
Ch28-3 Reversiong Effect and Cause
Ch28-4 The Agreement to Join
Ch28-5 The Greater Joining
Ch28-6 The Alternate to Dream of Fear
Ch28-7 The Secret Vows
Ch28-8 The Beautiful Relationship

Ch29-1 The Closging of the Gap
Ch29-2 The Coming of the Guest
Ch29-3 God's Witnesses
Ch29-4 Dream Roles
Ch29-5 The Changless Dwelling Place
Ch29-6 Forgiveness and Peace
Ch29-7 The Lingering Illusion
Ch29-8 Christ and Anti-Christ
Ch29-9 The Forgiving Dream

Ch30-1 Rules For Decision
Ch30-2 Freedom of Will
Ch30-3 Byond all Idols
Ch30-4 The Truth behind Illusions
Ch30-5 The Only Purpose
Ch30-6 The Justification For Forgiveness
Ch30-7 The New Interpretation
Ch30-8 Changeless Reality

Ch31-1 The Simplicity of Salvation
Ch31-2 The illusion of an Enemy
Ch31-3 The Self-Accused
Ch31-4 The Real Alternative
Ch31-5 Self Concept Versus Self
Ch31-6 Recognizing The Spirit
Ch31-7 The Savior's Vision
Ch31-8 Choose Once Again